"Pokemon Y Nuzlocke Challenge" follows the adventure of a young 16 year old Pokemon Trainer named Lara. Her and her mother have just moved to the wondrous new land called the Kalos Region, with Lara about to start on her first Pokemon journey. Many new wonders will be discovered, but will they be the ones she actually expected? Stay tuned in for the first chapter, coming soon!

(( Heeeey guys! I’m actually going to try and do my own Nuzlocke comic! Since this is my first time making a comic, I’m kind of nervous, but I’m actually really excited at the same time! I hope you all will be interested in it. I’ll make it funny, full of action, and it’ll even have feels as well. uvu

But anyway, updates may be slow until Summer vacation starts, but I also have two blogs I have to focus on, but I will try my hardest to keep this comic going!

So I hope you all like it! c: ))